Personal Training

Just as there is no one identical person, so there is no one ideal workout.  Coach Nat works closely with her clients to understand their goals, values, priorities, and health history to develop a program that will GAIN clients results, whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle mass, and/or improve endurance.  She is YOUR coach…she is right there by your side.

Natalie can help you to:

1. Gain lean muscle using the latest scientific research as well as tried-and- tested tools and approaches

2. Lose body fat through exercise and nutritional/lifestyle coaching

3.  Improve cardiovascular endurance and sports performance

4. Maintain and improve quality of life through developing wellness programs that are ability-specific


Training sessions can occur at the client’s home as well as at multiple gyms across the island of Kauai. 

She will motivate, educate, and provide accountability to help you be your best & healthiest self.  You are not alone when you have Coach Nat by your side.

The transformation happens One Rep, One Set, One Workout, ONE DAY at a time. 

Live FIERCE Fitness is on a journey to inspire greater mindfulness, health, happiness, and purpose through fitness and nutrition.