1. How  does the training process work?

    We start with a complimentary consultation via in person meeting, Skype, or phone call.  The Consultation discussion includes your specific needs, goals, lifestyle, medical, and exercise history. The discussion centers on working as a team to identify how Natalie can best help you develop a plan with action steps that will help you reach your goals.  Your plan may include training and/or nutritional coaching. Training is conducted in person, online, or via private session per your preference.

  2. How will I receive my customized training plan?

    Live Fierce Fitness uses a fitness training app to deliver programs to clients.  The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.  You will be emailed a link to download the app when you begin training with Live Fierce Fitness.

  3. Where can I train with you?

    Natalie works with her clients in person on Kauai, and worldwide via online/virtual training. 

    In-person training is conducted at client’s homes as well as at several Kauai gyms. We offer private one-on-one sessions, semi-private sessions with 2-3 people, and small group personal training with 4 or more people.

  4. What if I’m visiting Kauai?

    We’d love to work with you! We offer private training sessions and come to you. Please contact us here to share your travel dates and schedule a session. All you will need to train are workout clothes, a positive attitude, and a water bottle.