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Nutritional coaching focuses on working together as a team to assess where you may be hitting roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your body composition and health goals.  We work to identify “bottle necks” and implement small habits that will empower you and help you to develop a more healthy and balanced approach to food and LIFE. Our “life web”,  e.g., our priorities and obligations, intersect intimately with HOW and WHY we eat.  LFF does not look at nutritional coaching as DIET TRICKS AND GIMMICKS.  Diets come and go, and most of us don’t last very long on them.  This is about helping you live your fullest, most balanced life that leads to a stronger, leaner body. 

We begin by setting goals, teaching fundamental habits for healthy eating, and exploring where and when you hit roadblocks.  We also offer healthy menu options to guide you to body fat loss and/or development of muscle mass.At the heart of Live Fierce Fitness is a drive to inspire and guide clients to live mindful, purpose-driven lives that are centered in strong, healthy, functional bodies.  Live Fierce Fitness offers personal training and nutrition coaching via in-person sessions as well as online.


Natalie can help you actually change what you eat for the long term. She helps you understand both how you eat and why you eat. It starts with getting reconnected to your body, then your feelings, and then making small incremental shifts that help you day by day to shift into a healthier and stronger person.

Starting Out

Natalie does an assessment of your diet and lifestyle choices along with your goals. She will then outline a custom nutritional plan that’s in line with what you want to achieve.


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